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This quick sketch of Milton Abbey, with trees beginning to show their Autumn colours, was created with several layers: the sky, foreground clouds, background clouds, background wooded hill, foreground grassy field, the Abbey buildings and finally the foreground tree on the left.
An important advantage when creating digital images on an iPad (or other tablet) is in the use of layers. Another layer can be added and any painting on other layers is not altered. New layers can be added on top or below or between existing layers. Play the video to see how this picture was developed.
This sketch of Salisbury Cathedral and a peregrine falcon was created using many layers of the Procreate app on my iPad. It started with an outline guide for the building. Towards the end, a reference photo was used to create the bird. The building outline, bird photo and bird outline layers were eventually deleted.
This is a time-lapse video of the iPad painting of my entry to the PEDAS exhibition during Dorset Art Weeks. The exhibition title is "Modernism meets Upton Country Park. In my painting, Upton House has a Vincent Van Gogh sky.
This is a portrait of Burchell Gladwyn, started at a Thursday session of the Poole & East Dorset Art Society. Burchell is skilled in making wind instruments called "serpents". An interesting feature of the Procreate app on my iPad is the ability to copy a layer and resize, rotate and move it. I merged all the layers used in sketching Burchell, his serpent and the chair ... then copying, resizing, rotating and moving it to the sketch pad.
A view from Swanage seafront across to Ballard Down.
© David Hendrey

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